Just Kidding

5rsaf0tAfter my visit to Natural Capital it transpired that going to stay with a friend would involve a shorter journey time than heading home and therefore require less energy. Well, traversing in the region of seven counties in one day and braving the rail replacement service was more than worth it. I even managed to get my coat back after I left it on the coach thanks to the helpful and friendly First Great Western staff. My friend kindly collected me from the station, we grabbed some food and flaked out in front of the TV – mostly nattering over it.

The following day we headed to Totnes where we had a nice lunch at a cafe with a view of the river. Happily the marauding gulls left us to tuck into our toasted sarnies but we did have to make hats for our drinks to keep the wasps off!

We got a little lost both in the car and on foot, we got pointed in the right direction having ambled off course and so embarked on our pleasant riverside walk. We didn’t realise that we had to cross through South Devon Railway, and had we had a little more time would have liked a ride on the steam train. We braved the pedestrian level crossing and reached our destination – Totnes Rare Breeds Farm!



We encountered a parliament of owls, red squirrels, chicks, several breeds of goats and sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, donkeys and all sorts – including my friend’s favourite – alpacas! I was impressed with their breeding program for harvest mice – they are becoming increasingly rare and will be getting a much needed population boost when they get released into the wild. They also rehabilitate hedgehogs back into the wild – we didn’t see any of them as they were deep in their slumbers.


I found a kindred spirit in a toddler whose mother told us that after going around twice the little girl wanted to say goodbye to all the animals she had met! I know how she felt but with the mention of a drink in the Garden Cafe on a scorching day, I happily followed my friend…qliolqw

It turns out our friendship revolves around food – we independently ordered the same thing everywhere we went and eagerly went back to cook a roast! I must say no animals were removed from the premises but I did leave with an overwhelming urge to work with/keep animals in the future.


If delivering a ewe’s young is called lambing, is delivering a nanny goat’s young called kidding? Surely it must be called something else?

Angora Goats04gh0yp


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