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Photograph courtesy of Natural Capital
All photographs courtesy of Natural Capital.

Horses have been good for commerce from the beginning. Britain’s long agricultural history was founded on the efforts of horses, commonly the magnificent shire. As we moved to industrialisation, canal boat horses trudged along tow paths, heaving to get the boats moving. Horses pulling wheeled vehicles would take goods to market, transport people and were the basis of the postal system. They have experienced untold horrors throughout history – we have taken them to war, and still do. They are equally relevant to business today. Competitive sport, riding lessons and holidays, equitation equipment manufacture and training are just a few of the more traditional examples, however Natural Capital has added a unique and exciting twist.

I was enthralled when I heard about them; a niche business whose mission is to develop their clients’ skill sets within the parameters of business, utilising equine influence. There are many business critical areas to study which can be explored in groups. I chose to go for a solo taster session about managing energy levels. Perfect for me as I’m struggling to balance work and CFS.

After being welcomed warmly by Rosie, we went through the “Programme Distinctions” which clearly states that the programme is about people and emphasises that it is experiential. We discussed my background and the progression of the session before heading to the horses.

2014-06-11 16.20.57-1

Initially I participated in an observational exercise, and went on to interact with the horses once we had built up a rapport. I’ve elected not to go into detail about the exercises – I think it it will spoil them for those who wish to try it for themselves. I will say, that apart from the horsemanship Rosie goes through in order to keep you safe, you do not need any prior experience with horses. In fact; I’m no expert, but what I’d had drummed into me at various stables may have hampered my ability to think completely outside the box when challenged.

I learnt a lot about my approach and discovered new ways of tackling tasks which are much less energy-consumptive. I don’t always have to lead from the front – something I was incorrectly taught at school. It became apparent that I’ve been pulling myself much too hard throughout my creative processes. I also need to be clearer with my non-verbal communication.

I was sad to leave such a wonderful place, I had discovered a lot in an enjoyably unorthodox manner with Rosie and her herd. As I said my thank yous and goodbyes to the whole team we saw two flocks of Canada geese overhead and swallows gathering in preparation for their migration to Africa.


Horses are social creatures living in herds, which fundamentally have similar team dynamics to our own. Why not learn from such a powerful and truthful force like nature? Natural Capital can improve business functionality by empowering individuals. Over the years I’ve attended countless business focused and hard personal development courses which have since merged into one. Back on the train, with the Westbury White Horse gazing down, I knew this one would stay with me – I’m planning on returning!

Please note that Natural Capital do not offer therapy.


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