Flat Out!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I know it’s the longest day today in terms of daylight hours but as far as my valiant family and I are concerned, it has been the longest week! After much procrastination, I got my act together and did some hardcore packing. I’m amazed at the amount I’ve accumulated in a relatively short amount of time – I’d been moving things out since handing my notice in…Turns out after two van loads, we filled a car up as well! This isn’t taking into account the boxes a couple of heroic friends kindly took in and some furniture I donated to charity! Over the last few weeks my flat was feeling increasingly less like home.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I missed my plants and regretted taking my TV out early – it was fine to begin with, I did lots of reading but the planned artwork didn’t happen – I had CFS shakes & wouldn’t have been able to control my brush strokes. I might have invented a new technique had I tried 😉 The biggest mistake was moving my mirror out – I spent the last couple of weeks checking to see who was around and dashing down the corridor to the lift. Using the mirror in there and hoping nobody called the lift, I’d rush back to make the necessary adjustments! Luckily I wasn’t spotted!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I have mixed feelings about leaving that place, I’ll miss the nosy neighbours like the wood pigeon pictured at the top, my plants were thriving on the balcony. (Pictures from last spring & autumn.) I’d got the interior as I wanted it, but there we are. I shed a tear or two as a blackbird perched on the banister and serenaded us in the final stage of cleaning but know ultimately it’s the right decision.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The journeys took their toll although I was pleased to spot orchids on a motorway central reservation when we got stuck in traffic, an unexpected pleasure.


After all that hard work getting out of my flat; I’ve been flat out! I summoned up the energy to do a quick floral arrangement today – everything grown in our garden – and as I did so admired three wren fledglings. One of them gazed as intently upon me as I did on them, less than six feet away. I might be the first human this constantly chirruping ball of fluff has seen. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of me but was clearly enjoying exploring this whole new world despite getting chastised by his mother. Wish I’d had my camera! Has anyone else encountered any fledglings yet?


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