Swanning Around

Well, it’s been ages since I last blogged. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has scuppered my plans of late – Lent was a non-starter, I had great intentions, aiming to do some graduated exercise daily (Doc’s orders) and avoid shopping in supermarkets – a great idea from A Lazy Girl Goes Green. Unfortunately I’d put so much energy and effort into work that I ended up giving up on day one! At least I made an effort with Lent this year I tell myself, the first time ever!

Work has been silly busy, what with a conference on (Spiritual Wellbeing in a Secular Institution) to organise on top of my normal duties, sadly preparing for the departure of our Lazenby Chaplain who is now off to pastures new and The Big Lunch rumbling on in the background. We have now formed a working group to see the logistics through.

Swans Courting - Initial Stages
Swans Courting – Initial Stages
Swan Courtship
Swan Courtship

I did however, manage to drag myself down to the Quay where I was lucky enough to see the spectacle of Mute Swan courtship displays. They mirror each other’s movements before mating, then mirroring each other again. Truly beautiful. Looking forward to watching the resulting cygnets grow.

Courting with Spectators in Tow
Courting with Spectators in Tow

The first week of my Easter break was another non-starter. My body didn’t cope very well with the pressure I put on it during the final week of term. I ended up working way over my allotted hours trying to get everything finished, cramming meetings in here and there.

Multi-Faith Meeting by Ian Martin
Rt Revd. Robert Atwell, Bishop of Exeter with our Muslim Chaplain Imam Mohammed Abrar and Jewish Chaplain Tony Reese, speaking at the conclusion of the day conference on Spirituality and Wellbeing in a Secular Institution. Photo courtesy of Ian Martin.

I didn’t get to attend the conference as anticipated, I managed to listen to the Bishop of Exeter make the keynote speech but the rest of the day was spent running up and down the hill trying to squeeze in work and slip into various sections of the conference. I managed to make it in time for food though, so I’m not complaining too much!

It wasn’t all work, I did manage to see the Handlebards (great name) perform Macbeth and had an enjoyable and successful morning at a Meet A Mentor event hosted by The Institute of Enterprise and Entrpreneurs. Hoping to start my own business soon, CFS permitting.

I’m certainly enjoying the slower pace of the holidays, just tootling about and taking the time to watch the wildlife in my garden, in the last 24 hours I’ve seen bats hunting, robins mating, peacock butterflies and lots of busy little birds. I think a pair of goldfinches are preparing a nest.


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