First Things First!

This year has been a year of firsts so far. No whopping great big “jumping out of a plane” firsts, granted, but a few firsts none-the-less:

  • I’ve been early to meet dear friends (much to their surprise)
  • A Robin is using my balcony as a perch from which to warble
  • A Wren now forages amongst my chives for aphids – over the moon! #ProvideSomeGreenSpace&NatureWillFillIt
  • Last week I was so tired I didn’t even notice there was a light smattering of snow on the ground. That never happens! This coincided with the first time I’d forgotten my winter woollies this year. The walk to work certainly woke me up!
  • A gull messed on my head, oh dear!

This got me thinking about The Big Lunch – only because a pigeon messed on my hard-earned sausage roll last year and for no other reason! There were rumours that another department had liked what they’d seen last year and might take it over but after checking that my actions wouldn’t start some sort of coup, I’ve started organising my third Big Lunch for Chaplaincy already!

In my eagerness, I’ve set the date for after exams, so we can provide a pit stop for busy students taking in part in Grand Challenges (@uofe_challenges) and hopefully staff will have more time to leave their desks too. My main aim is to get staff and students to engage in conversation amongst themselves and with each other. Students wouldn’t be here without staff and vice versa; I don’t think we mix or appreciate each other enough.

I’ve booked the venue and am hoping for sunshine but have also booked a wet weather contingency. Both are based in and around the Forum, which is the central hub of the University and hopefully will help us to get a bigger footfall. Now for the activities…

In other University News, Paul Rose featured in “Animals In Love” (Episode 2)on BBC1 last night discussing the courtship of flamingos at Slimbridge, some behaviour I was lucky enough to witness there. I thought this series was going to be a bit slushy on first glance, however it is presented by the wonderful Liz Bonin and goes deeper than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Warning: Episode 1 had me in tears, but elephants seem to do that to me! After the incidents with my avian friends, I’m glad they can’t fly!

This is another first – blogging – hopefully that wasn’t too obvious!


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